Automate Your Home

Smart Home Starter Kit

Smart Home Experience - Integrated, Optimised, Timely

Smart Home Starter Kit
  • One-stop iot solution

    Get integrated experience with smart devices & APP

  • Beginner-friendly Kit

    Get the set at an affordable price and install at ease

  • Smart Living

    Set up smart scenes for customised living style

  • Home Security

    Receive timely reminder to ensure all-round home security

Night Mode

LIGHT ON! Automatic movement detections keep you safe at the midnight.

PIR motion sensor detects your movements. The light will be automatically on and off after 10 mins with no movement is detected.

Home Leaving Mode

When you are away from home, smart devices ensure your home is safe and secured.

Sensors send notifications to your smartphones whenever there are unusual situations.

Home Security Mode

Protecting your family from potential dangers, water sensor detects water leakage and sends timely reminder to you.

LINKO®️ iot

Smart iot App - Control Everything

  • Connect and Control

    Link all your devices in different rooms and control them within clicks

    LINKO iot
  • Customise and Modify

    Bring convenience to your life by customising the settings on individual devices

    LINKO iot
  • Integrate and Automate

    Set up conditions based on your needs and automate the commands in a smarter way

LINKO iot Smart Home

DIY Automation

Customise settings for automation on all smart devices

Free Control App

Integrate all your desired smart devices in one single APP

Tool-free Installation

No wiring - enjoy smart living style without extra renovation & maintenance

Voice Control

Allow voice control and invoke smart devices hands-free

High Compactiability

Support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Red Dot Design Award

Honoured with Red Dot Design Award 2020 for aesthetic, functional & innovative products

Feature Products

  • WiFi IR Remote Control with Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    Precise Detection
    IR Remote Control
    Easy Connection with WiFi
    Compatible to different brands

  • PIR Motion Sensor

    Monitor on human movement
    One second installation
    Free adjustment of angle

  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    Precise Detection
    Narrow-edge Design
    Clear Display
    App inquiry

  • Smoke Sensor

    Smoke Monitoring
    New Generation Maze
    Temperature and Smoke Alarm Regular self-test

30 Days Return Guarantee
Local Technical Support
1 Year Warranty