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iot All Around|Zigbee Remote Smart Home Control

$1,889.00 $4,150.00 saving $2,261.00
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iot All Around|Zigbee Remote Smart Home Control

$1,889.00 $4,150.00 saving $2,261.00
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  • Advanced kit includes: Multi-functional gateway (x1), door & window sensor (x1), PIR motion sensor (x1), temperature & humidity sensor (x1), smoke sensor  (x1), gas sensor(x1),  scenario button (x1), water sensor (x1)
  • Cater for all your needs: (1) Home security, (2) Home Safety, (3) Remote Control, (4) Time-scheduled Devices 
  • Control smart devices within several clicks: connect different devices through Zigbee in one single APP and set up smart scenes according to your own needs
  • Easy Installation: suitable for homes and workplaces with different designs and styles, and can be installed at any time
  • Support voice control: compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • 30-day replacement guarantee, one-year warranty*
Product Color White
Market Specification EU Standard
Certification CE
Material PC+ABS
Package Size

80*80*67 mm

(Multi-functional Gateway/PIR Motion SensorTemperature & Humidity Sensor/Smoke Sensor/Water Sensor/Gas Sensor

88*55*25 mm (Door & Window Sensor);

88*56*25 mm (Scenario Button)

Product Size

70*70*32 mm(Multi-functional Gateway);

40*40*48 mm(PIR Motion Sensor);

54*33*13 mm(Door & Window Sensor);

62*60*14 mm(Temperature & Humidity Sensor)

45*45*13 mm(Scenario Button);

71*71*29 mm (Smoke Sensor);

46*46*15 mm(Water Sensor)

66*66*29mm(Gas Sensor)

Net Weight

170g(Multi-functional Gateway);

70g(PIR Motion Sensor);

26g(Door & Window Sensor)

70g(Temperature & Humidity Sensor)

20g(Scenario Button);

20g(Smoke Sensor);

35g(Water Sensor)

170g(Gas Sensor)


*Please keep the full package for return